1. Site Assessment: We conduct a discovery meeting to learn more about your business’ energy needs and to make sure our programs are a good fit for your organization. We analyze your consumption history and evaluate your property to determine how much power your site is capable of producing and tailor a program to best suit your needs.
  2. System Design: Our engineers will design a system and verify production capabilities using the latest technology. We’ll design the project in compliance with all permitting authority guidelines.
  3. System Approval: RC Renewables will file all necessary permits and utility interconnection agreements and schedule your installation once we have approvals in place.
  4. System Installation: Your system will be installed by our experienced solar technicians. We follow industry installation best practices and all electrical work will be performed under the supervision of our master electricians.
  5. Final Inspection: Upon successful completion of your solar installation, we’ll schedule your inspection with the relevant authorities and also help with the commissioning of the system.
  6. Registering and Monitoring: We will process all of the paperwork to register your solar system to receive SRECs. We’ll assist you with finding a broker or platform to sell your SRECs and we’ll set up your system monitoring so you can check in on your system’s performance.